I utilize traditional and unusual sources for plant- and earth-based dyeing on natural fibers. In general, I do not support typical processes of ‘natural’ dyeing that relies on metallic salt mordants and harsh effluent. I use novel, environmentally sound alternatives to bind pigment to fiber. My methods are experimental and create unique colors and effects. I oftentimes hand forage, always with deep respect and love for the ecological and cultural roots of the material. I specialize in silk but offer custom dyeing for any type of plant or animal fiber.

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I hold over 5+ years of experience in developing and supporting program design and curriculum development of education programs locally and abroad. I hold a particular fondness for non-formal, intercultural-based environmental and garden education. I strive to incorporate my work with children throughout my life. Currently, this is not my primary focus but totally open to collaboration.


I have a fascination with unique and unusual plants that hold deep meaning and rich pasts. I am in the process of developing the correct relationships, licensing, and skills to hold some of these plants in my possession. I am currently growing for cut flowers, dye flowers, and ancestral plants.

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