Each piece is a story in my process of experimentation and developing a close relationship to nature. My creative methods for dyeing result in unique creations and colors that maintain an earthy aesthetic. I do not submit to the traditional method of natural dyeing that is dependent on metallic mordant salt baths and soaks. As much as possible, I seek refuge in the alternative and unexplored.

~~ better photos coming soon ;) ~~  

hand-stitched eye-mask; steamed with flowers on 100% silk velvet. 

Turmeric, hibiscus, gray earth, a bit of ‘shrooms, triphala, and some old ground up fruits n’ veggies.

experimenting with italian embroidery techniques on recycled cotton duck. lightly dyed with air dried red-roses and fresh eucalyptus. (Ignore my dye nails!)

wool & mohair

wool & mohair 

 This one went to Burning Man 2018! 

silk twill. rolled hem. steamed with peruvian natural powders and flowers from my sidewalk. 

silk twill bandana. rolled hem.

100% cotton. Image composite digitally printed. marbled with a collection of hand-crafted natural inks, sumi-ink, and acrylic. 

100% cotton. marbled and letter-pressed on vintage c&p press in Oakland. 

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